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In 2007 The Great Morel felt the need for a place where shroomers could gather as a group to share information, exchange dialog, and post real-time sightings - hence came the creation of The Great Morel Message Board.

While in its forth year, this forum has become a great addition to The Great Morel. The feedback has been wonderful and based on the traffic of visitors it has proven to be a popular arena for which it was intended.

Unfortunately, like many message boards, it has become "cluttered" with message postings which could and should be posted in existing posts. Several changes are in store during the 2008 off-season. These changes will be made in order to keep the message board clean and to make it easy for visitors to share and find messages related to the topic of interest. At the end of the 2008 morel season The Great Morel will "thin" out messages in which there are existing related topics. By no means is this being done to hurt the vast amount of great information shared on this message board. Nor is it meant to discourage those who have contibuted in the past. It is in hopes that the purification process makes it even better.

Promoting or selling services and/or products is prohibited on forum. The Great Morel finances this forum without cost to the visitors of The Great Morel, so using it as a tool to financially benefit is frowned upon.

The Great Morel prides itself in being one of the best sources for morels and morel hunters on the Internet. It has achieved this through feedback and contributions of the many great shroomers over the years. It is the expectations of those who visit that have raised the standards. These changes are required to continue to meet those standards. The Great Morel encourages feedback on this "cleansing" and welcomes your thoughts on how to keep the forum at the highest level to meet "your" expectations.

Notice: As of 4/4/2010 you must register to post. Due to unfortunate behavior of certain individuals, The Great Morel must make this change.

Please feel free to with your thoughts and feedback.

The messages, entries, and comments expressed on The Great Morel message board as well as emails sent via the message board are not those of The Great Morel.

Comments and entries written by guests of this message board, as well as tips sent by email, and information provided to you through this message board are to be considered information provided by another content provider. Defamatory statements and or content is strongly prohibited.

The Great Morel strongly suggests you read the Disclaimer and that you do not use this page or forum as a positive means of idenfiying morels or any other type of fungi. Warning: some mushrooms are poisonous, even deadly!

Notice: As of 4/4/2010 you must register to post. Due to unfortunate behavior of certain individuals, The Great Morel must make this change.

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