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The Great Morel receives an awful lot of e-mail regarding questions that The Great Morel can't seem to answer, or would be better answered by others. Thus, the creation and dedication of a page to post questions for others with knowledge to give answers. If you can assist anyone regarding these questions please drop them an e-mail and in return send The Great Morel the answer too, so it can be posted for all.

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Hello, my name is Reise. I live in Muskegon, Michigan. I have always found and ate morel mushrooms every sense I was little. I was always told that the mushrooms that look like morels with an umbrella like top are poisonous and you cannot eat them. I cannot find any information on what they are or if they are edible. Can you tell me if they are poisonous?

Respond to , in Muskegon Michigan - 04/28/2007

Note from The Great Morel: Everyone must understand the importance of proper morel identification and should always use caution when planning consumption. Caution should be heeded as some mushrooms are poisonous, even deadly. The Great Morel is not intended to be a mushroom identification site and therefore, it is suggested to visit several of the links to assist you in identifying the various types of fungi. Check out the FAQ page on Identifying Morels for more information. Also check out The Great Morel's page on the false morel too.

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Hello. I am from Central IL and am an avid morel hunter. I attend the festivals in Jonesboro and Magnolia each year. Work has taken me into Southern Louisiana this year and I wanted to know if you all had any advice for when and where I could find some good morel picking this spring. I have read about the Kisatchie National Forest and it seems like a good place to spend a weekend. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thank you!

Respond to , in Southern Louisiana for a year - 03/12/2007

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I'm new to South Dakota and wanted to know when and where morels appear in in eastern South Dakota. Thank you and you may post my Question.

Respond to , in South Dakota - 02/04/2007

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I live in the Chicago area and am interested in who would be interested in buying the morels that I harvest. In otherwords, to whom do I sell my morels. Thank you very much. You may post my question.

Respond to , in Chicago - 01/21/2007

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Hello, Has anyone had any luck finding morels in the forest preserves around the Chicago land area? I plan on hunting either way in the spring. Just wanted to know before I went.

Respond to - 11/27/2006

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Hello, My name is Brian & I live in The Kootenay's, actually Nelson. A friend wants to go up around Nakusp, and area's where there have recently been forest fires or burns, than fresh growth. IE: NewDenver.Retaillack Christina Lake? Does this condition promote the growth of this hearty Lil mushrooms, as I do no want to go on a wild mushroom chase. If anyone out there in cyberspace knows about this pls. Let me know, as I would like if it is viable to harvest for consumption and possible commercial purposes. Thanks much!

Respond to - 05/15/2006

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Need Photos of Conidiophores and Conidia of Morchella Esculenta (Costantinella Cristata) 1024x768 px to 1280x1024 px resolution photos. Many different types of results. I'm looking for people who have tried Ower's methods and would know exactly what the conidiophores and conidia are, and have taken photographs of them.

Respond to - 05/13/2006

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Hello my name is Nate I live in Delaware County Indiana. I have mushroom hunted in the past and have found small groups of morels. People have told me to look around dead elm trees, mayapple plants, etc. I know the morels are up now is the time to find them I have heard several other people say they have found some. I found two immature morels last week, I have been looking for two weeks, three or four days a week 4-6 hours a day. I cant find any. I am looking in 6 different woods two of them are very dark and damp. We have had good weather for them this year but no luck for me. I am about to stop looking altogether.


Respond to - 04/25/2006

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Hi - we've got some morels growing in our backyard. I read with interest the advice about covering them with leaves while they continue to grow. They just popped up yesterday, and I would like them to get as large as possible before harvest. I've covered them with chicken wire cages to keep the critters away,but I wonder if I should throw some leaves in there?

Also, when should I harvest them? We had some a couple of years ago, and I let them go for about 2 weeks , they got about 4 inches tall and were delicious! Can I keep them going longer than that?

Respond to - 04/22/2006

Note from The Great Morel: Usually you can tell when they start to look unhealthy or they are announcing "pick me" by examining the tip of the morel and the base of the stump. They will begin to discolor at the base and turn brownish. The tips will begin to do the same and often times they may be missing. Typically that is when you know if you are a day or two late when finding them in the wild. Check out the Growing Tips page for related information on cultivating.

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Hi, My name is Alan and I work for a company in the Netherlands that imports and exports fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. I'm having a VERY hard time finding Morel exporters from B.C. Can anyone help??

Thank you!

Respond to - 04/12/2006

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Hello – does the morel have any known medicinal qualities? Please post this question, if you don’t have the answer. Thanks for your help and enjoy your morels. Regards, Leonard

Respond to - 04/05/2006

Note from The Great Morel: for information on the nutritional values of the morels, check out the FAQ on "What if any, is the nutritional content of the morel mushroom?" to get a better undstanding.

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Hi there, Are there any morel mushrooms found in far Northern Alabama near New Market?

Respond to - in Northern Alabama 4/04/2006

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Great Morel, I am new to the shroom bizz and would like some info. I went to Oregon this past spring (2005) and a friend of mine took me and I was hooked. We picked a grocery bag full in just a short time took them home and sautéed half and they were wonderful. So, now I am back home in the foot hills of N.C. and it is spring time once more and I am wanting to look for some morels but I don't know where to start looking.

Out in Oregon it was ponderosa pines here it is Poplar trees and Ash trees. I have read a little on the type of trees they are located around and the type of ground but that describes a whole lot of land near our creek bottoms.

If there is any one that would like some company in the woods looking for mushrooms around the foot hills of North Carolina please let me know I would be glad to go and learn or if anyone has any info on where to go and look, what ever info I can get well be very much appreciated.

Respond to in Marion, NC - 4/01/2006

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Hello, I live in Sooke, B.C. and I am no longer physically able to hunt morels. Can you ask your audience if there is someone in the Sooke area who would be willing to sell me some?

Respond to in Sooke, British Columbia - 3/20/2006

Note from The Great Morel: for anyone looking to purchase fresh or dried morels, check out the Links and Info page in the "Stuff for sale section.

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Hello, I just moved to Northeast, Louisiana from Ohio and I am trying to find out about Morels here. Do they grow around here and when is the season? What tree's would I look around here? I have been hunting them for about six years and I don't want to miss a season now. So could someone please respond and let me know? I would be very appreciative if someone could answer these question the to the best of their knowledge! Thank You much, Justin

Respond to in NE Louisiana - 3/1/2006

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Great Morel, My brother recently moved to Arkansas. He asked me if I knew if morels grew there. I told him I would see if I could find out. To anyone out there who has information about Arkansas Morels such as when in spring to expect them, best areas, and morels orgs and clubs, please respond to afriend_1@sbcglobal.net. Thank you very much.

Respond to 's brother in Arkansas - 1/14/2006

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Does anyone know of morel sites near Aiken, SC? Do not have to be specific, just general area. We are from Alaska but will be in SC next spring. Any help will be appreciated.

Respond to in Alaska 11/14/2005

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I am looking for a "permanent way (if one exists) to preserve a prize-winning eleven-ounce monster morel found a day or two ago by a relative. He wants to be able to show it off rather than eat it.

I think both dehydration and freezing would shrink it considerably. Any thoughts or ideas out there? Thanks, RL

Respond to 4/26/2005

Reply from Jon C. (also see Jon's suggestion on brown bag preserving on the preserving page):

My grandpa had even gone to the trouble of dipping one in clear urethane (used in staining hard wood floors) to make a key chain trinket. I had told a couple guys, who do taxidermy, about this at the last Sport and RV show, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I might also suggest this urethane trick for others who do full-mount taxidermy. It really adds to the scenery of the mount (one guy did a full deer mount with a few air-brushed, plaster cast, morels). - Jon J. Czuhai

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I live by the coast in the county of Norfolk in England. We have a really good morel picking site, which is situated on a very sandy piece of soil. Unfortunately the morels are consequently very sandy and hard to clean. Has anyone any tips on cleaning sandy morels?

Respond to 4/26/2005

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So many of the recipes on this site (and others) call for fresh morels. Wish I had some but the best available to me right now are dried ones. What is the recipe relationship between dried and fresh, i.e. if a recipe calls for "x" amount of fresh, what's the dried amount to be used? Obviously, dried morels cannot be substituted for some of the recipes but when they can (say a sauce or soup), what's the ratio? Thanks for your help.

Respond to 3/4/2005

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Oh Great Morel, I have been in the company of Uncle Sam Scouting Club in Europe for the last few years and now I will be moving to Ga./ Sc. area soon and after such a long dry spell I was wondering if you grace this area with your presence??? Please post this question for all to see so that I may get an answer from all that wish to answer.

Respond to , US Army Europe 3/4/2005

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Questions from a "square one" beginner! Season? (Mercer Co. PA - roughly 1/2 way between Pgh. and Erie on OH border.) Should I "key" on just the "elm trees & old orchard" theme to get started or just go general creek-bottoms. On the assumption that "wherever they are, that's where they'll be found"? I'm completely new at this, never gone before, and can't seem to find anyone who knows anything about them (or anyone who will "own-up" to it!). It seems I've spent the better part of my life always hunting something, from critters to bottles, coins, arrowheads, you name it, so I've got enough confidence in my "eye". I've studied the pics and they seem pretty distinctive so I'm hoping I'll see'em if they're there! Any Info or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanx to All ! Rick in PA

Respond to 2/24/2005

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When I catch my morels I always dry/dehydrate a portion of them for a feast at a later time. During the drying process I find that a yellow or white powder is transferred to my drying equipment. I use a warming dehydrator and the build-up can become rather heavy especially on the cover and on the air intake (which is inside the enclosure). I'm assuming the powder is actually the spores from the morels. My question is: how the heck can I use this wonderful yellow dust to get my very own morel garden going? Any hints at all would be greatly appreciated.

Does the heat from the dehydrator damage the spores? I have also noticed this same dust on the dashboard of my truck when I place a few morels up there for the ride home. I always treat this dust like gold dust and wipe the dashboard and the drying equipment with a moist paper towel and rinse the paper with fresh water letting it run into my lawn. Then I bury the paper about an inch below the surface. I've been doing this for at least 10 years and still haven't had anything to harvest. Am I doing something wrong or is it just impossible to propagate the morels this way? I've tried doing this with blacks, whites and yellows/grays.

Thanks, Mongo

Respond to in Grayling Michigan 6/8/2004

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Here in the interior of Alaska we do have morels, especially in burn areas of two years or more of age. Does anyone have a general knowledge of when they appear, in the vicinity of what vegetation (spruce, alder, cottonwood) and on slopes or flats? Something general. I was out today knowing I was early as there is still snow about. Thanks, Brendan.

Respond to , in Alaska 5/18/2004

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Greetings, I located Morels in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, at an elevation of about 7,200 feet. One week later they were gone. I imagine that the length of their life depends on the weather and soil conditions but does anyone know if there are any animals other than man who makes a habit of eating these tasty mushrooms? Thanks!

Respond to in California 5/17/2004

Reply from Steven:

I just saw your posting at thegreatmorel.com, which I have appended to the end of this message to jog your memory.

Yes, there are other creatures that consume morels. However, in my experience and that of other mushroomers that I have discussed this with, nearly all seem to be invertebrates. The white morels that one finds along the coast in California sometimes fall prey to sow bugs (crustaceans) and to slugs and snails (mollusks). In the San Bernardino Mountains the black morels are attacked by insects such as springtails, the larvae of certain flies, and also wireworms, which are the larvae of the click beetle.

I have seen a few morels that appeared to have been sampled by a rodent of some kind but in more than ten years of morel collecting I have seen absolutely no evidence of widespread consumption of morels by mammals. I have seen many boletes with rodent damage and also Russulas, for some reason, but this does not seem to be the case with morels (or most other discomycetes). That's lucky for us humans, I think. - Steven

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Hello. I live in eastern Garrett County, Maryland and I'm having trouble finding morels here. I used to find them as a child, with my dad and grandfather, but i can't seem to find any now. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on where to look for morels in this area? Thanks a lot. Nick

Respond to in Maryland 3/18/2004

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I know some do not want to give up there secret patches but can you tell me if they are growing in western South Dakota? I live in the southwest part and sure would like to find some. Also can anyone tell me when I should start looking in this area?

Respond to 6/07/2003

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Thank you for a beautiful site. I pick the morchella elata, gray variety here around my home in north Idaho. I just started drying them this year and find that they turn black, is this normal? I put them in the gas oven with just the pilot light lit. Thay smell good even dried. Please post this question if you cannot answer it. Thank you very much for being here.

Respond to 5/16/2003

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I live In Nebraska. This year some one said that they were giving a batch of morels but they had lice all over them. I had never heard of this then I found a large morel when I got it home, it to was covered with lice. Why does this happen? What do you do? Anybody else run upon this problem? Please post this message for me, Thank you, Rodney Licoln Nebraska.

Note: Rodney writes back: "Oh by the way the little bugs they are called spring tails and they will not hurt a thing wash in salt water will make them easier to clean. Thanks for posting my Q I did get some email back. Thank You Rodney"

Rodney in Nebraska 5/5/2003

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Hi, I recently moved from Tennessee to Maine and would like to know if Morels grow in Maine? My husband and I use to find them in Tenn. In fact, some of my favorite memories of Tenn. are camping on the creek bank, fishing for catfish and having a meal of fried frog legs and fried morels. Since we've been in Maine we have looked everywhere for morels and have come up empty-handed. I have even tried looking at every website I can find on Morels and nothing. If anyone can help me, it would be most welcomed if you would post this email. Thank you for any help. Michele

Note: Michele found the answers to her question. Click here to see what information she uncovered.

Michele in Maine 4/16/2003

and this from Dave, the Great Morel Hurder in Maine:

"Dear Great Morel. I feel silly telling you this seeing that you are the all seeing Great Morel and you already know this. This is in regards to the woman wondering if there are Morels in Maine. Yes, there are. I see so many sites and such stating the lack of the Mushroom in Maine. Always read "Hard to find in Maine". Well it's a hunt in any state and one just needs to look in the right places. Finding 2-5 pounds is not uncommon. I don't know if this picture will find you but it's a photo of 50+ nice sized yellow Morels. All found within an hour.

Dave the Morel Hurder in Maine 11/22/2005

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I was born & raised in Ukraine, former USSR. We use to go mushroom hunting for King Boletes & other mushrooms in Russia & Ukraine. Every fall we would get around 25 different edible ones...buckets full...it was great!! Here is the USA there are only morels & puff balls that I know of. I live in Indiana now. Does anyone hunt for anything else? My girlfriend took me to Virginia this late September we came across 50 different mushrooms. I bought a bunch of American mushroom books. I picked a few species tried them. They were good and I ate over 100 mushrooms in 1 week. I only tried 3 diffirent mushrooms though. I would love to learn more. Can anyone help? I am willing to share with my mushroom stories from Russia & US.

Respond to 4/15/2003

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I have lived in Vermont for 2 years now, I've not found one stinkin' mushroom! Are they here and how can I find them? I used to find pounds of em in Illinois. What's wrong? Whats the scoop man? Can you also post my question? Thanks, dug

Respond to 4/14/2003

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I live in the Northern York Co PA. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on where to look for morels in this area? Thanks, Tick Bait

Respond to (aka Tick Bait) 4/16/2003

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Back in the 80's I was working in a printing plant. We printed the Weekly Reader and Current Science papers for Children in school. One of them had a picture on the front of a painting. It was a grandpa, father, and son in the woods hunting mushrooms. The grandpa and father were leaning on trees scratching their heads and the little boy was sitting on a stump playing with a couple that they had found. It was very cute and humorous because if you looked while they were scratching their heads the morels were right behind them and growing around the stump the little boy was sitting on. The painting was call "THOSE ILLUSIVE MUSHROOMS". It looked kinda like a Norman Rockwell painting. I have been searching for this painting for years. Have you ever seen it or know how or where I might be able to find it? I went to the Weekly Reader sight and got nowhere. If you can't answer this would you please post it to see if any one else might be able to? Thanks for any help you might be able to give me. -Narda

Respond to 5/30/2002

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I'm from Omaha Nebraska and would like to know if anyone knows of a way to grow morels. A few years ago the newspaper ran a article on someone in Michigan that had a way you could get 1 yield in the spring and 1 in the fall the first year and after that 1 per year. If someone could help it would help on those years my eyes don't want to work very well or the mushrooms are being very sneaky. Thank you Kevin

Respond to - 5/09/2002

Note from The Great Morel: for those morel lovers with the same curiosity as Kevin, check out the Growing Tips page for related information on cultivating.

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I live around Charlotte NC. Does anyone know if morels grow here? I was raised hunting and eating them in Indiana, and I would love to hunt them. Please post this so hopefully I can start hunting. Thanks!

Respond to 4/25/2002

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Hello! I have a quick question about morel hunting. If you are unable to answer then you are welcome to post it on your web site.

This will be my first season hunting morels although I have learned much about them, and have also been lucky to enjoy an egg breakfast served with morels. I have a German Shepherd that is a wonderful companion and competition dog. He is extremely smart and knows very well how to search out many different scents when given the command thus, I think it would be very easy to teach him to hunt the morel and give me accurate signals when he has found them. The season is now within a week or so and I am waiting for a friend to stop by with the first few of the season so I can begin to train my Shepherd.

I wanted to know if you thought it would be possible or had ever heard of such a method before. I am about 95% sure that he would pick on really quick as he does with other things and absolutely love to hunt with me. I'm also not sure if the morel has a distinct smell that a dog could recognize. I also thought about morel hunting ethics but I own plenty of my own property where no one should be bothered. I am really looking forward for this to be a pleasurable hunting experience for both me and my four legged buddy. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Respond to , VA 4/09/2002

Note from The Great Morel - this gentleman's fortune with his four legged friend did not require training: "my name is Randall and I live in south east Missouri I came home from work this morning and let out the dog the same as any other morning. I have not lived in the house I am in for very long so I had no idea if there any morels growing around me. After a few minutes the dog comes back and has some thing in its mouth low and behold its a yellow morel I went and looked and found that there was about 20 or 30 of them growing right out in my front yard so they are growing here. (4/30/2007)

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I'm originally from Indiana and grew up hunting morels with my folks. I've since moved away and joined the Air Force. I'm currently stationed in Utah. I'm planning a trip to the Leavenworth, WA area for a little weekend getaway sometime in the next month or two. I've heard there are morels to be found in and around this area. If there is anyone who can point me in the right direction and also the best time (April, May???) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Respond to 3/22/2002

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Does any one have the 411 on morels in South Dakota? I have lived here 15 years and have only found about 5 by the lake. Should I look shelter belts, pastures, rivers? I heard once to look by railroads. What month(s) and temperature? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Yours truly, DESPERATE IN SD.

Respond to 2/18/2002

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I am planning to move to NC in the near future and would like to know if morels grow in the Smokey Mountains between Ashville and Murphy. Please send replies to Ron. Thanks much to anyone that can help.

Respond to 5/21/2001

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Many of the "old timer" mushroomers of my acquaintance speak of hunting "miracles" in the spring. I encountered this terminology many years ago in Giles County, Virginia (west of Virginia Tech), and more recently in Greene County, Virginia. The "miracles" are none other than morels. I think it's very appropriate, considering the "miraculous" way the delicacies show up. Has anyone else out there heard this name for morels? Or is it limited to certain areas of Virginia?

Respond to 4/22/2001

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Hello! I live in Southern, NH and I would like to know if anyone out there in shroom land knows anything particular to this neck of the woods when it comes to the procurement of the elusive Morel??? I've been looking in alotta old apple orchards but have not had any luck.

Thank you; Richard

Respond to 4/22/2001

bar image

Please fell free to post this. Very informative site. I dig it. Thanks. Besides any time I feel like it, when is it best to start looking for morels in Virginia? I'll be starting around the Skyline Drive area. Thanks. And happy huntin'.

Respond to 4/13/2001

Note from The Great Morel: the typical harvest season in the Virginia area is between mid-to-early April on through to mid-to-late May. Although the season may vary depending on weather conditions. Check out the Sightings page to get a good indication when other shoomers are finding them in a particular region.

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Hello, hello! I am a long suffering, morel deprived, and apparently naive retired sign painter. Naive, because I invested in a California Morel Habitat a few years ago-without success (thou I followed directions to the letter...ie fed it kitchen vegetable scraps, peelings, clippings and leftovers) I tilled it, fed it, watered it , stirred it, ---watched the sun & shade &wind---I even prayed over it---NOTHING--- The habitat vendor even replaced it---so I'd have a 2nd chance in the event I was doing something wrong--I did all of the above over a span of 4 years---do you know how long that seems, looking at that compost pile that was supposed to sprout morels ---I think I started to hallucinate, at times--- Anyhow, here we are, coming very close to another morel season and I would like to enhance my prospects of finding some morels---the only place where I ever found any, was in the "rough" on a new golf course at which I work part time---the rough area in recent years has increased greatly in foot traffic--hence no morels.

Can anyone provide me with a way to connect with local people or clubs who share an interest in morel hunting? I'm not asking for directions to anyone's "glory hole"--but I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I live in Anoka Co., Minnesota--Just north of Mpls. Thanks for any consideration! Willie

Respond to 4/3/2001

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Just curious, when morels "sprout" in the early morning, are they as large as they will be that same day or do they grow larger in the passing days? How old are they when they begin to dry out? If you are not sure, please feel free to post on the website. Thanks!!!!!!!

Respond to 3/26/2001

Note from The Great Morel: to find the answer to Charmaine's questions and others like it, check out the FAQ page and get yourself knowledgable on some of the most often asked questions and topics.

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I have been looking for someone who is experienced in finding wild edible mushrooms in the Central Pennsylvania area. If you have any help or links into this, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Respond to 7/1/2000

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Hello and Greetings from the Rockies! We just relocated to Morrison, CO. and would like to know if morels grow here. We have had much success finding morels back east (Williamsburg and D.C. areas - almost always under large poplar trees). Could you find out the ideal habitat out here and if anyone has any specific locations we might search? Thanks!!

ps. Morrison is located just southwest of Denver, in the foothills. We, of course, are willing to travel in our pursuit!

Respond to 5/29/2000

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What is the best way to 'dehydrate' morels? The first batch I tried to dehydrate, I just place them inside a gas oven overnight and into the next day. The oven was off, but the pilot light I guess created enough heat to dry them. Is this an efficient way or is it considered 'cheating'?

A Morel Newbie

Check out the many preserving tips and recipes on the preserving page to find the answer to this question.

bar image

I have recently moved to Denver from Kansas City and was wondering if anyone knew if there were any morels that grow in or around my area? Also, when is the best time to hunt them? I know that the season is starting to come to an end in Kansas and I am curious about the best times in Colorado. Thanks!

Respond to 5/21/2000

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I have been hunting morels for better than 35 years. Each year the same trees, shrubs, etc. seem to hold the morel. This year I have been out 15 times and have come up with only a dozen or so. Although I have found the giant yellows the week of Mother's Day, this year is not producing them. People are telling me it's too late, or they didn't produce this year. I have a lot of trouble believing them, but I am really frustrated. I live on the Mississippi River in the eastern part of Iowa (Quad City area). Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thanks Carl

Respond to 5/12/2000

bar image

My husband and I bought several acres of timber and plan to build our home there when we retire. The problem is that the site we have chosen for the house also seems to be the site where we have found most of our morel mushrooms. The area is the largest site of mushrooms either my husband or I have ever seen. Short of changing the site we plan to build, is there any way we can move or transplant the roots, spread the spores? Does anything work in trying to establish the mushroom in another similar spot near by?

Thanks, Mary

Respond in behalf to

Note from The Great Morel: for those lookng for ways to cultivate their own morel patch or propogate them naturally, check out the Growing Tips page for related information on cultivating.

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I have been told that Turkeys and Deer eat morels, but I have also been told that no wild animals eat morels. Can anyone shed any light on this for certain? I have been having great success in Frederick Co. VA, just kind of curious of who or what else I may be competing with. Thanks, Al

Respond to 5/01/2000

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Does anyone know when the morel mushrooms release their spores, is it when they first come up or after they get old? And I've heard that you should not use a plastic bag when hunting, as the spores do not get dispersed.

Thanks, Denver

Respond to 4/25/2000

Note from The Great Morel: find the answer to this question and others like it by visiting the FAQ page. You'll find a vast amount of information here regarding most often asked questions and topics.


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I am an avid fisherman. Does anyone know of a correlation between Walleye spawning and Morel popping? (Water temp and length of daylight let the fish know when to spawn.) I live and fish in northwest Iowa. I just can't think of anything better than fresh walleye with morels! Thanks

Respond to 4/5/2000

bar image

I am currently living in fantastic shroom habitat in Frederick Co., MD. I'm moving to the Pocono Mtns. in a week. I know that there are poplar and ash trees there but they aren't as abundant. Because this is the kind of forest composition I'm used to, will I encounter the same success? I'd greatly appreciate any insight. Jim S

Respond to - 3/28/2000

bar image

Been in Mississippi for two years and have yet to identify the correct months for locating them. I have looked from February to April. Can you give me any guidance or contacts??

Respond to somewhere in Mississippi 8/8/1999

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I am looking for a recipe for a dish served at Trader Vic's, or at least it was served there in the 1980s. It was called morels on toast and it came with morels in a gray gravy. It looked like vomit when it came to the table but the taste was amazing. Any help would be appreciated.

Respond to , Dana Point, CA. 8/2/1999

bar image

Hi to the great morel people,

My husband was brought up in the midwest, and use to have Morel mushrooms all the time as a kid and he LOVES them. I have spent a lot of money trying to grow them in our yard in North Carolina, but I think the temperatures gets too hot. Should we plant them in the fall instead, to get a crop in winter?

And where can I buy some spawns to grow them here in North Carolina. (Piedmont area) - temperatures are very mild in winter with maybe a few days around 10degrees F, or so.

Please respond, as I would like him to have some of his FAVORITE mushrooms, the MOREL.

Christine in North Carolina. 8/3/1999

Check out some of the growing tips on the Growing Tips page to find the answer to this question.

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Patch of Morels
Morel stories...

of family, friends and
the joys of hunting.

Contributions from fellow
shoomers of their morel
adventures, fortunes and

Teach your kids to hunt!

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Morels and Cream
The Recipes...

which are sure to please
most any pallet.

A wonderful variety of the best morel recipes you will ever stumble across, such as morels and cream over pork.

Teach your kids to hunt!

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12 Yellows

that puts you up close and personal.

See the beauty of the morel in its natural setting, shoomers boasting on the big one, as well as many other fine images.

Teach your kids to hunt!

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As told by shoomers
Head for the kitchen
The beauty of...


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